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UpFit specialises in helping ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes, enjoy exercise and have fun whilst keeping fit.
This Is UpFit
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Ladies are you feeling unfit and unhealthy? 

Maybe your clothes don't fit as they used to and you've lost some of your confidence?

Do you want to make a change?   


You know exercise will help you feel good again but you don't really enjoy it. 

The gyms make you feel uncomfortable and intimidated. 

You might have tried a few different things before but nothing has stuck.


UpFit fitness classes are designed by women, for women!  We've collated the best fitness class concepts from around the globe for effectiveness and fun.  We don't want exercise to ever feel like a chore.  UpFit will help you feel amazing and fall in love with exercise, and yourself. 

UpFit is an all ladies' fitness group, with ladies from their 20’s to their 80’s. Most of us have tried numerous fitness programmes and gyms before, but after time we would lose motivation, find reasons not to go and then we would have to start all over again. That was until we found UpFit.

UpFit runs in the community, using church halls and school halls.  Our classes aren’t like anything you will find in a gym and neither is the atmosphere. Everyone is friendly, supportive and you make new friends. It is a no pressure environment where you can feel comfortable being yourself and being a beginner.  You will very quickly start looking forward to your classes and that’s when you know you’ve found it! - Just the thing you needed to make a lasting change and it's a great feeling.

If you want a fun and enjoyable way to meet your health and fitness goals, something that isn’t going to feel like a chore, UpFit can help you!   Come join us, try a few classes and see for yourself! 👀

UpFit Experiences

These ladies found fun, fitness, friends, good health and confidence at UpFit and you will too. 

You can read more on our Testimonials Page.


" I've lost 2 stone, 2 dress sizes and I am enjoying exercise."

Before UpFit I was a gym member at the local leisure centre.  I wasn't amazingly fit and I was finding it harder to attend classes because of my job but I was also getting bored.

Now I attend UpFit I have started to enjoy exercise.  Clubbercise is my ultimate favourite.  Heather is amazing, friendly and encouraging to new starters.  Classes are always happy and fun.

I am enjoying exercise, I've lost 2 stone and toned up.  I am now two dress sizes smaller!!


Age 65       Favourite Class: POUND

"I really joined the classes so that I could keep up with my two Grandchildren and I achieved that!"

Before joining UpFit I worried whether I would be able to keep up with other people and whether I would even be able to do things like hula hooping.

All the classes that I have attended have been fun.  I have gained more confidence and I realise that I don't have to be perfect at everything.  If you are struggling Heather always finds an easier option for you.  I have learnt to hula hoop and have been hooping with my niece.  I had a bad back before but hooping has really helped with this. 

I really joined the classes to get fit so that I could keep up with my two young grandchildren and I achieved that.  Chasing around after them is much easier now.  I definately have more energy.  I've also lost weight, I am much healthier and happier. 


You'll make great friends at UpFit.  it's also good for mental well-being.  Heather is a brilliant teacher with loads of patience.  She has helped me so much.  If I can do, it anyone can.  i love all my UpFit classes. 


Age 28         Favourite Class: Powerhoop

"I love the classes, they are very fun and different to anything I have ever done before.  I feel motivated again"

I had been getting into shape doing home fitness DVDs but I had started to get bored and I was losing my motivation so decided to give some local classes with UpFit a try. 

I love the classes, they are very fun and different to any other class I have ever been to before.  They get me out of the house and I have met lots of new people.  Heather has given me amazing support and help and is always willing to help with any queries.

I've toned up and I no longer find working out boring. I feel motivated again and I love the UpFit community. 


"I have been losing weight and gaining muscle tone.  I feel so much healthier now!"

I was really unfit before I starting attending UpFit classes.  I would get out of breath very easily and I was gaining weight.   I hadn't done any exercise in years and I was unsure if my body would be able to handle it.

I have really enjoyed all the classes, especially Clubbercise.  It doesn't really feel like exercise because it is fun and enjoyable.

I feel a lot fitter now.  I have been losing weight and gaining muscle tone.  I feel so much healthier now!"


"I have become more toned. I feel more confident"

I used to workout on my own but I wasn't very motivated and I was not getting the most out of my workouts. I had reservations when I joined UpFit.  I worried about attending on my own and whether I would be fit enough to do the exercises. 


Once I started going to the classes Heather makes you feel really welcome and encourages you.  The classes are great fun.  I started off doing one a week and now I am doing four.  I always know I have had a good workout, the classes are varied and the music is good to sing along to.  I feel focused and I am getting to know my strengths and weaknesses which gives me something to work on each week. 


I have become more toned and I feel more confident.  When I go to the classes there is always someone who is friendly, you have a laugh as well as working hard.  

I always look forward to my next class, I have even gone down a belt size which is a great boost. 

UpFit Ladies in Action

Always having fun, in and out of classes.


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"The classes are really fun.  It’s great because there isn’t any pressure to keep up, everyone can go at their own pace." (Charlotte)
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