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Ass and Abs classes focus on toning the muscles of your stomach and bottom, but also strengthening all the muscles of your core, whilst moving through a variety of exercises to music. 

When you think of the core, you might first think of your stomach, however, the core includes the muscles of your pelvis, lower back, hips, bottom, and abdomen.  They are the muscles that support your body's trunk and are the foundation of good posture and movement.  They are often neglected within workout programmes and weakened by hours spent hunched over a computer or slumped on a sofa.  A weakened core leaves you susceptible to poor posture, lower back pain and muscular injuries.  

In an Ass & Abs class, you'll switch between different muscle groups, alternating tracks that work mostly on the abs and then mostly on the glutes (bottom).  The whole time you will be activating and strengthening your entire core whilst moving the beat of a great soundtrack. 

The majority of the class is performed on an exercise mat on the floor, so this is a great low impact class option if you are just starting to build up your fitness or want to go easy on your joints.  You'll follow your instructors lead, who will demonstrate the moves along with some options to make them easier or more challenging.  

Training the core leads to better balance and stability, whether in exercise or daily life.  Ass & Abs classes will help you to build a better body, and a strong foundation, whilst having a great time moving to the music. 

Ass & Abs in Action