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Have fun, get fit, feel fabulous

Are you ready to shake things up and make a change in your life?  
New Year, new me, Right?
This time -  let's make it stick!  

UpFit participants tell me,

                    "It's the only thing I've ever stuck to"  

                                 "I'm enjoying exercise for the first time."

With UpFit classes, I specialise in helping ladies of all ages, shapes, and sizes, enjoy exercise and have a great time whilst keeping fit, with fun and creative exercise classes. 

This is UpFit Women's Fitness

I know that starting a new fitness routine can be daunting. I also know that once you realise you how great it makes you feel, and that you can have a really good time while improving your health, body and mind, you will never look back.
UpFit classes run 3 night's a week in local community venues. The classes are different from those you will find in a gym.  I've chosen the best fitness concepts from around the world.  Classes that are designed specifically for women, by women, to be EFFECTIVE and FUN!  At UpFit having fun and enjoying your workouts is a high priority, because that's what makes it super easy to stay consistent.  Consistency is the only way to reach and sustain your goals. 
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  KICKSTART 2024 Special Offer 

I want to help you get started with your fitness goals and create a healthy, sustainable exercise habit. 
So if you're up for the challenge and ready to make a positive change, I created the UpFit Kickstart for you.  

Join us for 4 weeks of fun & fitness.
Try all of UpFit's classes, commitment free.   

For 4 weeks you can try out all the different classes UpFit has to offer, meet amazing like-minded ladies, and start your fitness journey.  You'll get to choose any 2 or 3 classes per week from our timetable.  Choose from Piloxing, Ass & Abs, POUND, Rave Tone, Powerhoop, and Clubbercise.  
You can choose different classes each week to fit around your schedule and to get a feel for which classes you enjoy the most.


One introductory offer per person. 
Now all you need to do is choose whether you'll join us for 2 or 3 classes a week.   Grab your Kickstart offer below and I'll be in touch to get you booked in and started on your fitness journey.  I can't wait to help you make this first step.
Heather xx

Need help or have questions? 
Message Heather on 07729735118 now. 


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