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What happens in a POUND Class?

Sweat, sculpt and ROCK! POUND combines cardio moves with strength training, Pilates and drumming. This combo works the entire body and raises the heart rate to burn fat.

POUND is a fitness class like nothing you have experienced before. The lights are dimmed, the music is loud and electrifying. On entering the class you'll be handed a pair of bright green drumsticks. We call these 'Ripstix' and we use them to make a lot of noise!

POUND has the BEST music. We rock out to current chart hits, heavy beats, and head-banging classics. You will move through 1000s of lunges, squats, arm pulls, and core twists. Usually, you would be bored and exhausted by all those reps, but you won't notice you're doing them as you focus on making your beat with the Ripstixs.

We rock out to around 12 awesome tracks per 45 minute class. Some are standing tracks and fuse cardio with Pilates style movements and others are on the mat to concentrate on the core and glutes (bottom.) Your instructor will be upfront on stage showing the movements and queuing your Ripstix strikes. Options for beginners and less mobile participants are shown as well as more advanced options. You'll quickly learn some of the movement patterns and know what's coming next. Then you can really let yourself loose!

Had a rubbish day? POUND is the best class to let off some steam. Smash those Ripstix into the floor as hard as you like. Let it ALLLL out. You'll finish the class feeling amazing, energised, and excited to come back next week. - You'll sleep well too! ;)

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