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UpFit Powerhoop

UpFit Powerhoop

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Add some hoop-y fun to your workout and you will never find exercising a chore again. 

Powerhoop is a fun full body workout using a weighted and scalloped fitness hoop.   Class participants quickly notice a difference in their posture and muscle tone.  Powerhooping slims the waist, strengthens the muscles of the lower back and abdomen, and tones muscles in the stomach, glutes, hips and thighs.

UpFit Powerhoop workouts are taught with options for all different levels.  So if you have never hooped before, are taking your first steps into exercise, and are worried about keeping up - don't worry!   We run a free 10 minute 'Kickstart' session before every class to show you how to get started hooping :)    Then you can use the class hooping sections to practice. 

In 45 minutes you'll have completed strength and resistance training using your hoop as a weight, cardio, balance and toning exercises, core work, and of cause, had lots of fun learning to hoop.

The UpFit Hoop Troop gets up to all sorts of activities. 
Check out some of our previous events and outings. 

Add some hoop-y fun to your life
Book a Powerhoop class and Kick Start session.
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