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Rave Tone

Rave Tone

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Rave Tone fuses total body toning with cardio to give a complete body, muscular strength, and conditioning workout.

In this class we focus on bodyweight resistance exercises to create a strong, lean body.  Mixed with a little yoga to increase muscle tone, flexibility, core strength, balance, and range of motion.

The room is darkened and the disco lights are on.  Enjoy the energy of an Ibiza club as you move to the best trance and house anthems.  The entire class is led by your instructor, who will demonstrate varying levels of difficulty for you to choose from.  The moves are simple (non-dance) so that you can enjoy the vibe and concentrate on getting the most from your workout.  

What are the benefits of Rave & Tone classes?

> You will feel energised by the awesome music and the Ibiza club vibe.
> When working out in the dark with lights and lasers you'll feel less self-conscious.  It also creates a really fun atmosphere. 
> Your entire body will get a workout.

> You'll get stronger.
> Your flexibility, core strength, balance, and range of motion will improve. 

> You'll tone your muscles
> You'll de-stress , feel amazing, and have a cracking night's sleep. 

Do I need to be coordinated?

Definitely not! The routines are really simple.  Just follow the instructor who will be demonstrating and talking you through it.  

Do I need to have good balance? 

No. This is about developing your fitness and skills.  The moves are beginner level. 

Bodyweight resistance!  Do I need to be able to do a press-up?

No.  It''s very rare we have someone in classes that has the strength to do full press-ups. We start with beginner-modified versions for building strength. Progressions are demonstrated if you want to challenge yourself. 

Ready to rave your way to a strong, toned body? 
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