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Dance. Stretch. Relax

Be one of the first to take part in UpFit's Veraflow classes.


This innovative class will ensure your body is getting the essential stretching it needs to function better and pain free in life.  You will improve your flexibility, mobility and learn mindfulness techniques, leaving each class feeling refreshed and calm.



Every Tuesday 7pm - 8pm 

at New Longton Village Hall, PR4 4BD

You can book 6 weeks of Veraflow - £39

or purchase one of our class passes or memberships.


Veraflow is a dance based stretch class with mindfulness.  You will learn how to stretch your body effectively, maximise flexibility and mobility and calm your mind.  This is your ‘you’ time.  

Veraflow is a fun way introducing flexibility and mobility to your routine.  The stretching is mixed in to dance routines which are choreographed to beautiful music.  It’s a low impact class (we don’t jump) and the dance is more to have fun and warm up your muscles rather than get sweaty.  The pliability we create in the muscles and increased mobility we gain at our joints allow us to make most of the stretches.

The class starts out with a warm up, progresses through standing routines and then moves to the floor where we continue stretching to the beautiful music.  It will end with a mindfulness practise. 


You will leave feeling like you’ve had a full body massage, your muscles feeling strengthened yet relaxed and loose.


You do not need to have dance or yoga experience to participate in a Veraflow class. 

If you require any more information please reach out.  Drop us a email, text or call

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