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UpFit Clubbercise

UpFit Clubbercise

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Work up a sweat to simple, fun, aerobic, and toning routines to club anthems from 90′s classics to the latest chart hits.


​Clubbercise is taught in a darkened room with disco lights.  Grab your glow sticks and get ready to boogie.  Feel the music, forget your worries and let loose to tunes you'll know and love. 

Clubbercise is taught with demonstrations of both high and low impact options so whether you're just starting out or a seasoned fitness raver, you will be able to select a workout option that is perfect for you.  

 It's all about fun, not about perfection. Take it to your own level, keep it simple and enjoy the music.

What are the benefits of Clubbercise classes?

> You get to workout to your favourite tracks
> Working out in the dark with disco lights and lasers means you can really let go
> Using our glow sticks gives your arms a good workout
> You'll burn around 600 calories in an hour
> You'll tone your muscles
> You'll de-stress and enjoy an endorphin buzz

Do I need to be a good dancer?

Definitely not! Our routines combine simple dance, toning, and combat moves.  We deliberately make them easy-to-follow so you can relax and enjoy it rather than worrying about getting the steps wrong. 

Getting our GLOW ON at UpFit
Ready to rave?  Let's GLOW
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