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What happens in a Clubbercise Class?

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Have the most fun you've ever had whilst working out.

'Leave your worries at the door and loose yourself on the dance floor.'

Light off, glowsticks in hand, banging tunes. It's clubbing without the hangover and heels!


Clubbercise is a fun, full body workout with a banging sound track, that get's results.

Classes are taught in a darkened room with flashing disco lights. Grab your glowsticks and you're ready to party. You'll hear club anthems from the 90's to the latest chart hits.

Follow the instructors lead working through 45 minutes of aerobic and toning routines. Each routine will build from low-impact (one floor always supporting on the floor. eg. steps and jogs) to higher impact moves (eg. jumps). This way you always know the moves to workout at your level.

You'll move through dance, combat tracks, toning, cardio, and intervals, burning around 600 calories per hour.

Classes ages range from 20s to 80s and all different fitness levels and body types. Everyone does their own version of the routine. You'll fit right in wherever your starting from.

Once you've been to a few classes the routines become familiar and you'll really be able to let loose. But no-one ever goes in the wrong direction....they just have little solos. Everyone does them and no-one cares. Their too busy concentrating on their own boogie.

It's about fun, not perfection. Take it to your own level, keep it simple and enjoy the music.

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