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upfit ladies 

Meet the UpFit ladies. Find out how they got started, what the fitness classes are like, and the results they have seen.  Our community actively supports one another and we want to continue that always on our journey to help others.


"I have been losing weight and gaining muscle tone.  I feel so much healthier now!"

I was really unfit before I starting attending UpFit classes.  I would get out of breath very easily and I was gaining weight.   I hadn't done any exercise in years and I was unsure if my body would be able to handle it.

I have really enjoyed all the classes, especially Clubbercise.  It doesn't really feel like exercise because it is fun and enjoyable.

I feel a lot fitter now.  I have been losing weight and gaining muscle tone.  I feel so much healthier now!"


" I've lost 2 stone, 2 dress sizes and I am enjoying exercise."

Before UpFit I was a gym member at the local leisure centre.  I wasn't amazingly fit and I was finding it harder to attend classes because of my job but I was also getting bored.

Now I attend UpFit I have started to enjoy exercise.  Clubbercise is my ultimate favourite.  Heather is amazing, friendly and encouraging to new starters.  Classes are always happy and fun.

I am enjoying exercise, I've lost 2 stone and toned up.  I am now two dress sizes smaller!!


"I have become more toned. I feel more confident"

I used to workout on my own but I wasn't very motivated and I was not getting the most out of my workouts. I had reservations when I joined UpFit.  I worried about attending on my own and whether I would be fit enough to do the exercises. 


Once I started going to the classes Heather makes you feel really welcome and encourages you.  The classes are great fun.  I started off doing one a week and now I am doing four.  I always know I have had a good workout, the classes are varied and the music is good to sing along to.  I feel focused and I am getting to know my strengths and weaknesses which gives me something to work on each week. 


I have become more toned and I feel more confident.  When I go to the classes there is always someone who is friendly, you have a laugh as well as working hard.  

I always look forward to my next class, I have even gone down a belt size which is a great boost. 


"I've toned my whole body.  I am fitter, have more energy, I'm less lethargic. I can run around after my kids."

Before UpFit I had not exercised in YEARS!!!!   No regular exercise since 2004.  In that time I'd had two pregancies, both of which I suffered with Sacroillic Joint Issue.

I worried that I wouldn't be fit enough to keep up, that the class would be cliquey, I'd be well out of my depth or that I would hurt my pelvis more.

The classes are so much fun, challenging and get you working hard.  There is a lovely mix of friendly people and we have a good laugh.


Now I am toned!  I've toned my whole body, but especially my arms and legs.  I'm fitter, have more energy, I'm less lethargic.  I can run around after my kids.  Most importantly, I've had no flare ups from my back/pelvis.  Nothing!  4 years of physio couldn't do that, but Heather could.  I'll forever be grateful.  


Age 65       Favourite Class: POUND

"I really joined the classes so that I could keep up with my two Grandchildren and I achieved that!"

Before joining UpFit I worried whether I would be able to keep up with other people and whether I would even be able to do things like hula hooping.

All the classes that I have attended have been fun.  I have gained more confidence and I realise that I don't have to be perfect at everything.  If you are struggling Heather always finds an easier option for you.  I have learnt to hula hoop and have been hooping with my niece.  I had a bad back before but hooping has really helped with this. 

I really joined the classes to get fit so that I could keep up with my two young grandchildren and I achieved that.  Chasing around after them is much easier now.  I definately have more energy.  I've also lost weight, I am much healthier and happier. 


You'll make great friends at UpFit.  it's also good for mental well-being.  heather is a brilliant teacher with loads of patience.  She has helped me so much.  If I can do, it anyone can.  i love all my UpFit classes. 


"I have become more flexible, I can feel my fitness levels increasing and I have met lots of lovely new people."

When I found UpFit I had just recently moved to the area.  I hadn't been able to find a gym that I was motivated to go to and my fitness levels were getting worse.  I was was really nervous about meeting new people and worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up but I needn't have been.  


The classes are really fun.  They are always varied and Heather is enthusiastic which keeps everyone motivated.  It's great because there isn't any pressure to keep up - everyone can go at their own pace. 


I have finally found a class that I will attend week in and week out.  I have become more flexible and can feel my fitness levels increasing.  I have also met lot's of lovely new faces! 


"I have dropped more than a dress size since starting.  I have gained confidence with my body and ability."

Before UpFit I did Zumba classes and I was reasonably fit but I still worried I wouldn't be able to do the Piloxing class and I felt self-conscious, like everyone would be watching me.  I soon realised that everyone is far too busy concentrating to watch anyone else. 

Heather makes everyone feel welcome and explains the moves.  The classes are different, fun and challenging so they never get boring. 

I am fitter now and I have noticed the difference in my body - I have toned up a lot more and have dropped more than one dress size since starting.  I have gained confidence with my body and ability.  Starting with UpFit has encouraged me to be even more active and advance my fitness levels. 


Age 28         Favourite Class: Powerhoop

"I love the classes, they are very fun and different to anything I have ever done before.  I feel motivated again"

I had been getting into shape doing home fitness DVDs but I had started to get bored and I was losing my motivation so decided to give some local classes with UpFit a try. 

I love the classes, they are very fun and different to any other class I have ever been to before.  They get me out of the house and I have met lots of new people.  Heather has given me amazing support and help and is always willing to help with any queries.

I've toned up and I no longer find working out boring. I feel motivated again and I love the UpFit community. 


"My fitness has improved so much.  It has definitely toned my muscles, improved my balance and my co-ordination."

I was going to the gym from time to time but really I didn't do that much.  I now attend Piloxing classes with UpFit every week.  I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do some of the moves due to my awful balance.  It has definitely improved!

The classes are amazing, I love them so much.  My fitness has improved so much.  It has definately toned my muscles and improved my balance and co-ordination. 


"My migraines and stiff neck have eased and I have lost weight."

Before starting UpFit classes I had a lot of reservations.  Was I too old? Too unfit? Would I be able to do the class?  I hadn't been doing any exercise apart from a bit of walking. 

Despite all my doubts I found that if I try I can do moves.  I feel so much better now I am doing regular exercise - punching, stretching etc.  It's great fun.  I have made friends and I feel good after each session. I have lost weight but the best result is that I have found my migraines and stiff neck have eased with the exercises, not painkillers. 


"I've lost 2 inches from my waist and hips in 12 weeks."

I had been following a healthy diet but I wasn't doing any exercise.  I worried that if I joined a class I would stand out because I was unfit and everybody else there would be really good at it and really fit. 

Heather is a great instructor and very patient.  The classes are never boring like I thought they might be.  It's the best exercise I have ever done and the longest I have ever stuck with anything.  

I feel much happier and I am slowly seeing the results I want.  So far I have lost 2 inches from my waist and hips in 12 weeks. 


"Just what I needed to get back to the old me."

I had done very little exercise for around a year so I was really worried about whether I was fit enough and would be able to keep up.

The classes turned out to be just what I needed to get me back to the old me.  They're brilliant!  Fun classes with friendly people.

I feel like my old self again, healthier and not as lazy.  My waist has become much more toned from Powerhooping. 

Thanks Heather, love the classes. 



Age 51        Favourite Class: Hooping and Clubbercise

"I like being part of a great group of ladies"

Before I wasn't motivated at all to keep up any form of exercise but UpFit has been different.  it's great fun and that makes it easy to stay motivated.

I am feeling much fitter and I also enjoy the social side of being part of a great group of ladies. 



Age 45        Favourite Class: Piloxing, Hooping and Clubbercise

"I've got visible abs!"

I disliked exercise and found it a chore and a bore but UpFit classes are really varied, socialable, fun and upbeat.  They are great for mental health as well as physical health.

I have got visible abs!  Never before have I had viable abs.  I feel fitter and healthier too.

Heather makes the classes so enjoyable. I never, ever thought I would enoy exercising so much.  A huge thank you. 



Age 56        Favourite Class: Piloxing

"No matter what level you're at, you can adapt to suit you."

I love the diversity of the classes with UpFit.  There is something for everyone and no matter what level you're at, you can adapt the class to suit you.  

I've toned up, strengthened my core muscles, got more stamina and better at balancing. 

It's a really friendly group and we enter fun events and meet socially.  I would miss it so much if I couldn't be part of it all.  And it's value for money.  It's made such a difference to me. 



Age 34        Favourite Class: Piloxing

"It's like no other gym or place I've been to."

Upfit classes are really good fun and there is 100% variety.  It's like no other place or gym I've been to.  I always look forward to the classes. 

Heather is a fun, energetic, inspiring and approachable instructor.  The other ladies in the group are kind and all in this with you.   You don't feel judged at all. 



Age 61        Favourite Class: POUND

"I can hula hoop now and have toned round my middle."

UpFit classes are always lively and upbeat.  You can put in as much effort as you like and always get something out of it.  The people there are really friendly and the music is always energising, even if I am not always sure what it is.

I look forward to the classes.  I can hula hoop now and I have toned up round my middle.



Age 47        Favourite Class: Clubbercise

"You can forget about your commitments and just be you."

Heather is a brilliant instructor and the other participants are lovely.    The classes are fun and energetic.  I always feel physically and mentally better after a class. 

For that hour you are doing something fun for yourself.  You can forget about all of your commitments and just be you." 


All classes and memberships can be booked online.​
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