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UpFit Body Blast

UpFit Body Blast

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Body Blast brings advanced fitness development protocols and personal training methods to a class environment.  Getting you the results you want - FAST. 

Each class focused on 3 key areas of your fitness with short and sweet workouts, that pack a mighty punch:


You'll learn the best techniques and form using resistance exercises to build strong, lean, powerful muscles. 

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

Short bursts of intense exercise with rest periods build your cardiovascular fitness much quicker than longer cardio sessions.  You'll ramp up your heart rate and earn that post-exercise super high and calorie burn that only comes from this type of training.



Your core muscles are the foundation of a stronger, better body.  You'll finish each session with a core workout to tone, tighten and strengthen these important muscles.

Body Blast classes are lead by a coach who will be supporting you every step of the way.  They'll demonstrate each exercise and help you find the right level for you. 

If you've never done a squat or burpee before and can't do a pushup - DON'T WORRY!  This is the class where you can start to work towards achieving these movements, but you won't be expected to be able to do them. 

Your coach will guide you towards a movement option that will build strength and fitness at your current level - Achievable, yet challenging. 

Body Blast classes certainly get results and participants quickly notice improved technique, strength, and speed.  But as with all UpFit classes, we make sure there is a huge dose of fun to go with it.  This class has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  Expect friendly support, banter, and lots of giggles. 

Working Hard & Having Fun
Get stronger and fitter, fast - with UpFit Body Blast.
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