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May Health & Wellness Challenge

Updated: May 2, 2020

New Month, a fresh start.

Who is Up for a Challenge?

Download your Tracker for May's Health and Wellness Challenge.

Each day challenge yourself to move, eat mindfully, drink water, and do something for you.


10 Minutes per day. A class, a video, a bike ride, hula hooping the choice is yours. Anything purposeful that raises your heart rate and gets the blood flowing.


Enjoy your meals and help cut the snacking. Sit down to eat your meals. No TV and no social media


2 litres/8 cups a day. Cordial counts too or pop in some sliced fruit if your fancy.


Do something for you. Maybe spend 10 minutes working on a personal goal. Read a magazine, meditate, call friends, start an art project.........??

I'd love to know what you get up to. let's do this together.

Meet your movement goals and kick start your challenge with a FREE WEEK of UpFit Online Live classes and on demand workouts. Find out More.

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