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About Barefoot Training

Some of UpFit's classes incorporates barefoot training as the preferred option over wearing conventional footwear. There are lot's of benefits to training barefoot.

Next to the spine the foot contains the second largest number of proprioceptive or kinaesthetic sensory receptors in the body, giving consistent, constant feedback related to your body position, alignment and safety.

Almost 30% of the joints in the body are in the feet. Our feet are designed to be the base of support for the entire body.   Wearing shoes all day weakens the feet and arches, and alters our entire posture.  Often knees and back pain stems from improper foot mechanics.

Going barefoot strengthens the stabilizing muscles of the feet and ankles making them stronger, stretches and strengthens the arches, improves blood circulation, increases flexibility and mobility of the feet and gives a much wider range of motion. 

Your feet are designed naturally to support your body weight, to act as shock absorbers and help you balance.  Many athletes who train barefoot have tremendous results and experience fewer injuries.


Bare feet do not naturally smell.  The sweat glands in are feet are just like the sweat glands in our hands.  Feet only smell after being cooped up in shoes for hours. 

If your feet are slippery, try a yoga sock which has grips on the soles, yet still lets your feet feel the floor as if you were barefoot. 

DO NOT wear regular socks as they are too slippery!!!

If you do choose to wear shoes, wear a flat bottomed shoe that has a flexible forefoot with some traction.  Trainers with heavy traction are not recommended.  

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