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What happens in an UpFit Ass & Abs Class?

Updated: Aug 9, 2021


Ass & Abs is a class of deep concentrated toning for your stomach, legs and bottom. Think Pilates and old school ‘leg, bums and tums’ with a modern twist. The class is mainly mat-based and it’s all low impact, so it’s a great class for beginners or those people with less mobility. Take a pause at any time, take a stretch, and then join back in.

It won’t take you long to get familiar with the movements, then you may want to try some more difficult moves. Different levels are taught at the same time, so you can always choose how hard you want to work that day.

A stronger body and core helps you move through life better and prevent injuries. You’ll be taught how to position your body correctly to protect the joints and activate your deep core muscles, for maximum strengthening and optimum results.

Best of all the whole class is taught to funky music. It’s so much fun moving to the beat, the 25 minute class flies by.

Join us for a class. Book your first class online here

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